Welcome to the K2LIM VHF/UHF contest group website, where you will find information on the K2LIM VHF/UHF contest group. You will meet the people that make up the group and learn about them and where the group has come from.
Our #1 rule is to 

"Have Fun"

We use K2LIM for all VHF/UHF contests.

Are you interested in getting into VHF/UHF weak signal operating ? We can help you. You can begin to experience the fun of long distance contacts on VHF/UHF. Just click on the (contact email) link below and let us know of your interest and we will be in contact with you to help you get started. 

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QSL info:All contest logs are uploaded to www.eQSL.cc. If you desire a paper card just look us up on www.qrz.com and follow the instructions.

Anyone looking to get on the VHF, UHF and Microwave bands on SSB or CW and doesn't know how to go about it, contact us and we will point you in the right direction.

Down East Microwave - www.downeastmicrowave.com  


SSB Eletronics USA - www.ssbusa.com

have transverter's

 Directive Systems  www.directivesystems.com

 Loopsnmore  http://loopsnmore.com/  


Par Eletronics www.parelectronics.com/omnis.php

 have antenna systems that you can buy 

or contact us for information on how to BUILD your own antenna systems.

Yaesu, Kenwood, Icom have all mode VHF and UHF radios that you can buy to get on the air.

 See the link below to drop us an email.

Contact Email:Click Drop us a line for a sked.

Please check back from time to time and see what we are up to. Thanks and enjoy the site.

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